Changelog 8/03/2021


  • All bugs fixed this week have been related to individual accounts or circumstances.


  • You can now add a 'Company' as a category for a 'Service Provider' contact in a profile.
  • There is now a confirmation modal after both insurance & mortgage Quick Forms which clarify to clients that they do not need to action anything further once they've completed the Quick Form - that the adviser will be in contact if needed.
  • There is an extra sentence in the 'Welcome' message for first time users beginning a Mortgage Fact Find, that there is no obligation from this client to the adviser in completing this Fact Find.
  • Provider Research: this area now is auto-saved, so if you type anything for e.g. AIA and then de-select AIA as a provider, the text will still be saved and show up if you re-select 'AIA'.