Changelog 30/04/2021


    • Longer names of custom Activity types, now show neatly in the modal
    • 'Occupation Load' description was not showing right on TPD & Trauma in the SOA, this has been fixed

    Improvements (catching up on last 4 weeks):

    • You can change a Servicing opportunity into an Advice opportunity by clicking and dragging to bottom of servicing pipeline and putting in 'Change Pipeline' option.
    • You can download any major section (e.g. Fact Find, Needs Analysis) in an application without having to tick through everything
    • Mortgage Quickform PDF is attached to email to advisers when client completes a Quickform
    • You can hover to the right side of any contact detail when you are on a Profile, and copy it!
    • When you 'win' a mortgage opportunity and specify a 'Commission Received Date', this information will show in the Mortgage Commission Spreadsheet download from the Reports page
    • For Income Protection, there is now 2 more indemnity definitions: 'Loss of Earnings' and 'Loss of Earnings +"
    • You can now add notes/comments to activities when you click into one to edit it.
    • If you select any Personal Health issues during a Insurance FF, it triggers a text box for clients to add further information
    • Complaint acknowledgement email is not automated - allows the option to when creating a complaint internally
    • You can also send the complaint acknowledgement email from the client's Profile
    • There is now a date-range filter on Profile's timelines so you can search items (emails, notes, activites) by date
    • In an insurance advice under Nature & Scope, there is a 'Client Interview' section, purely for you to note down any client details
    • You can add notes to a profile from the pipeline by clicking on an opportunity and hovering over the arrow under 'Client Profile'
    • You are able to filter your Trail notifications (the bell icon) by the 'type' 
    • In your settings, notifications, under mortgage events, you can now set it up for Fixed Rate Rollover (30 days) away.
    • P.O boxes are added to be able to be viewed in Contacts box in the Profile (and can be added when editing Contact details)
    • Only policies marked as 'Managed' will be required to have required information on it when winning insurance opportunity
    • Adding a Rate Lock question in the Funding Details page for Mortgage applications
    • Report: able to download an opportunity summary in excel file format with information on active opportunities
    • Assets of non-LTCs are allowed to flow through to Mortgage Application download
    • Able to search by policy number
    • Signing area for stage 3 insurance advice
    • Default answer to Fact Find's main bank, is empty/ 'Please Select' rather than ANZ