Changelog 3/12/2020


  • Fixed inconsistency in sending email notifications for completed applications.
  • Fixed the unsaved changes issue while editing Statement of Advice.
  • Product page was not loading beyond the initial page; this is now resolved.
  • Fixed the pipeline/opportunity bug that prevented the title and assigned opportunity owner from showing on the pipeline view.
  • Hovering over the opportunity on the pipeline now shows the correct description.
  • Fixed bug where insurance opportunities were showing "created false" rather than the date it was created.
  • Link in description is fixed for the Document Type drop-down "Income - IRD Earning Summary (first home buyer)"
  • Issues with downloading Statement of Advice on Mozilla Firefox browsers, has been resolved.


  • The 'delete' option for items on timelines is now isolated under a divider to prevent accidental deletes.
  • For downloading of applications or documents, if the file size exceeds 13MB there will be an warning and suggestion to compress documents.