Changelog 23/04/2021


  • Merging profiles bug where search function was not working, has been fixed
  • In the mortgage fact find download, the contact's main bank is now listed under details for applicants
  • Interactive mortgage recommendation page - widgets are now moveable
  • Bulk changes are now working correctly on the Products, Contacts and Activities pages
  • Certain insurance expenses (Property, Contents and Other) now correctly display in the mortgage fact find and mortgage application documents
  • Sovereign, SBS, ASB and BNZ servicing calculators have been updated in Trail
  • Fixed an issue where estimated premiums were presented to clients in a SOA even if the option was turned off in settings
  • Also fixed incorrect estimated premiums flowing through to SOA
  • In a SOA, the internet connection warning banner instantly recognises when the connection has been restored

New/ Improvements:

  • When offline, changes made in SOA is saved to browser cache and then updated to Trail when internet connection is restored