Changelog 22/10/20


  • Error message when email integration is broken/unlinked is now clearer
  • Email footer now supports HTML. By clicking on the ‘<>’ button in the editor, you can now add HTML code blocks that include images and gifs to your email footers
  • Email footer visual editor is now more reliable with how images and wording will be produced in emails


  • Fixed an issue where sending Fact Find emails from Mobile would cause error message 'check email addresses are valid'
  • Fixed an issue where when loading repayment calculator in settings would show ‘3 years 0 months’ but would process as ‘25 years 0 months’
  • Fixed an error with Email integration tooltips were not appearing when hovered over
  • Fixed an issue where if a client begins an insurance fact find it throws an error
  • Fixed a bug with the SBS funding calculator adding +1 to the number of dependants in a household
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Other’ Mortgage application funding was not calculated in the total