Changelog 22/03/2021

Post-March 15th Bugs: 

  • Proceeds from Sale was not automatically calculating - this is now been fixed.
  • Issues with copying timeline addresses not pulling through emails - all working now.
    • Logo placements in downloaded PDF documents produced should allow space for logo without colliding with heading.
    • PDF Style Colours were defaulting to black for some, now this is fixed.
    • Spelling errors - under Loan Structure Breakdown, Signature & confirmation page for Mortgage Recommendation - fixed.
    • Mortgage - Repayment amounts were not calculating; this has been fixed.
    • Mortgage - certain rates not selectable in recommendation page.

    Pre-March 15th Bugs:

    • Now only properties with rental income appear in the 'Monthly Rental income' section of the Fact Find download.
    • Lodging complaint through pipeline: the info modal keeps loading but does not confirm it is done. This has since been fixed.
    • Fact Find area of Medical questionnaire & downloaded FF: wording changed to 'smoked or vaped' in past 12 months.
    • TSB added as banks with LVR maximum of 60% for non-residential lending
    • Policy importer: "Sovereign" renamed to "Sovereign/AIA" (for the BDM request option) which reflects the post-merging of Sovereign with AIA.
    • Mailchimp Merge Tag that was CDOB (client date of birth) is now called

    New/ Improvements:

    • In Reports, under "Opportunities Currently Assigned" tab - there is now a Pipeline export: this downloads an excel file with all your current pipeline information including:

      - Which Pipeline (by the sheet tabs)
      - Opportunity Stage
      - Number of days in current stage
      - Opportunity Value
      - Date Opportunity was created
      - Opportunity Lender (if available)
      - Profile opportunity is on
      - Key Contact of that Profile
      - Opportunity Owner/ Assigned t