Changelog 22/02/2021


  • Text editor issues for mortgage 'Loan Confirmation' and document settings modals where clicking 'enter' would close the modals - this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed the bug where the marital status in the Fact Find download was not showing correlating information.
  • Quick-forms for insurance & mortgage products now show the corresponding opportunity owner as sender of the email, and first name is referenced in form.


  • Text was showing as orange even as you fill out text in a required field in the insurance quick-form - this has now been fixed.
  • Height & weight are now not required fields in the insurance fact find.
  • For the product page, you can now add a '90 day timeframe' as a filter option.
  • For investment summaries, the date has been captured for products now.
  • For mortgage advice, you can now choose whether you want to include a 'document request' after completion of the Fact Find.
  • The Contacts section has changed so that there is now a small triangle to the right of the contact's name, and this appears if the contact is on multiple profiles. If indeed they are, you can hover over the triangle and see which other profiles & click into those.
  • The above improvement has also resulted in the 'Edit Details' becoming an icon to the left of the contact's status in the profile: