Changelog 22/01/2021


  • Westpac testing rate is now reverted to the current 2 year fixed which is 3.29%
  • Dragging on the pipeline is less sensitive now, so that it does not get in the way of just clicking on opportunity.
  • You may insert images (by copy & paste) into your email signature in settings. 
  • Issues that comes at & after completing Insurance quick forms are now fixed.
  • Insurance quick form summary format has been tidied up in the timeline.


  • New Feature: You can now set a default search filter (either e.g. always search profiles, or contacts, or archived profiles).
  • Now it is easier to check the Policy Management Status for an insurance product - tag is shown alongside the product now.
  • You can now toggle to show Profile Owner on the Activities page.
  • New lender options for mortgages: CFML and Funding Partners.
  • In the condensed insurance summary, the policy number is now included in the summary table.
  • Our text editors have been updated across Trail