Changelog 17/09/20


  • The recommended cover section now does not reset after entering the fact find or needs analysis sections. It will now give you a warning that something has changed and that you may want to re-calculate.
  • Insurance claim opportunities now act more in-line with insurance servicing, and no longer take you to the fact find process when viewing it.
  • When managing opportunities, where an adviser is referenced it now looks at the opportunity owner and not the profile owner.
  • When viewing the summary of insurance products, anything listed as ‘Other’ now appears under their insurance premiums.


  • Draft emails are no longer being synced to the timeline.
  • Fixed some formatting issues when going through an insurance fact find on a mobile device.
  • When selecting specialists and tests cover under health in the needs analysis, it now calculates the cover required without requiring dental and optical or non-pharmacy drugs to be selected.
  • When creating an ‘Other’ mortgage advice type in the pipeline, the value entered now appears in the funding details page as well.
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow you to choose an opportunity type when creating an opportunity on a mobile device.
  • Fixed an issue where if you had a trust that was an owner of an insurance product, it’s full name would not appear on the summary.
  • Fixed a bug where adding ‘superannuation’ to the expenses in a mortgage fact find made it disappear.
  • Fixed an issue where continuing an old data import that tried to find a deleted policy would cause it to freeze.