Changelog 15/10/20


  • Changed the Adviser email address tag from {Profile_Owner_Email} to {Adviser_Email} in templates, to better capture the email address entered. As sometimes it will be an opportunity owner over a profile owner.
  • Improved the error wording when Trail cannot access an integrated email anymore and asks if you wish to send from the support email address.
  • Updated the conditions for requesting mortgage statements when applying for loans from a different lender. This now takes into account Trust owned mortgages.
  • Made the description for Bereavement leave in the recommended cover clearer.


  • Fixed an issue when lodging a complaint with special characters would cause it to freeze and not save.
  • Fixed a bug with the BNZ Servicing Calculator where the ‘Number of Dependent’s’ was not filling in, and thus no Servicing Index was being calculated.
  • Fixed a bug where if a profile had an apostrophe in it, the mortgage application file would be a string of numbers.
  • Fixed a bug where confirming a fixed loan for 6 months would appear in the confirmation email as ‘0 Years’.
  • Fixed a bug where deleting a duplicated attachment to an email template would remove all attachments, not just the one deleted.
  • Fixed a bug when saving custom documents with very long names and file names, it would break the page formatting.