Changelog 15/01/2021

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here are some big & small fixes and improvements to kick off 2021


  • Issues with Quick Form progression & completion notifications not occurring; this has been fixed.
  • You can now specify "always request from client" with existing custom documents.
  • The ANZ calculator was not calculating the Hire Purchase/ Other Loan repayments properly; this is now working.
  • Dragging opportunities across stages in the pipeline now works on touchscreen devices.
  • Deleted Profiles now all should show up with '(Archived)' beside it if you search for it again.
  • When deleting an opportunity, this should be removed from profile and show up on the timeline as 'archived' immediately.


  • You can opt to remove the ability for different account types to view the estimated commissions/ API (e.g. for assistants).
  • The default declaration document in the Insurance Settings has been updated in wording to be more compliant.
  • Creating a new servicing opportunity will offer you to send a 'Quick Form' link now rather than 'Fact Find'.
  • It is much harder to accidentally delete timeline objects and documents now; secondary steps have been added.
  • Phone numbers added to client details can now include spacing.
  • Full addresses, including city and country, are shown on a client's profile now.