Changelog 14/05/2021

In the last two weeks


  • In Insurance Advice under the Existing Cover section, the section to provide reasoning for adjusting or replacing cover now correctly displays
  • Fixed a bug causing an error page when downloading servicing calculators
  • Fixed an issue where the LVR was not correctly calculated in a Mortgage Recommendation
  • SBS Calculator no longer crashes when "Property Investor" or "First Home Loan" is selected
  • Some "Additional Notes" sections in a Fact Find were generated in white text, this has been changed to black
  • The Finance Date and Settlement Date fields now correctly pull through to a downloaded Mortgage Application
  • Additional employment history is correctly displayed in a Mortgage Application if the applicant's current employment has been for less than three years
  • ANZ and SBS servicing calculators have been updated


  • Activities now show who created them and when they were created
  • For insurance cover items, "Level to age 100" has been added as a Premium Structure option
  • When "Losing" a mortgage advice opportunity that contains properties to be purchased, there is now the option to remove this property from the client's position
  • Loan Account Number is now an optional field in an Insurance Quickform
  • You can now open different pipelines in new tabs on your internet browser
  • More than one participant can now be the owner of an asset in a profile
  • A new register for Approved Product Providers has been added and updated (For KAN Users)
  • A Rate Lock is now selectable in a Mortgage Recommendation loan structure and you can specify a date to be locked until
  • You can now select and download multiple Bank Calculators in the Funding Details page for a mortgage opportunity