Changelog 11/02/2021


  • Automations are now for policies that are inputted at or before 30 days away to pull the trigger.
  • Issue with sign-up links being broken (wrong url) has now been fixed to the correct url for every organisation
  • Policy numbers are now required for winning an Insurance opportunity
  • Ongoing database/ reported error pages; a new fix is now in place and working
  • More TSB calculator fixes: the second applicant's income details now pulling through


  • 'or vaped' has been added to Insurance Fact Find in the medical questions
  • Postcodes have been added to address lines for client's details
  • Clothing is a category for monthly expenses now

New text editor improvements: 

  • The textbox is expandable when you click and drag the bottom right corner.
  • When you click 'Enter' at the end of a line of text, it will do single spacing between this line and the next line.