Changelog 03/09/20


  • The newest Resimac calculator is now available for use.
  • There is now a warning message if you have not enabled the ‘Needs Analysis’ section on the client-side when completing an insurance application.
  • When selecting property owners under a property, the multi-select list now appears.
  • Updated Trail’s minimum interest rate to be 1.5% for repayment calculators.
  • Improved the clarity of wording when you are unable to calculate the recommended cover in an insurance application. It will now no longer take you to the people’s page when trying to refine cover.


  • Fixed a bug where certain areas of mortgage and insurance quickforms were not appearing for editing when changes to the position were being made.
  • Fixed a bug where editing the formatting within an email template prior to sending would return different formatting when received. It is now consistent.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Calculate Cover’ button was appearing above the recommended cover when you had already calculated the cover.