Changelog 01/03/2021


  • LVR has been changed to max. 60% for non-owner occupied properties (anything not 'Primary' or 'Holiday') for 5 lenders: BNZ, ANZ, ASB, Westpac and Sovereign. As other banks require this, we will update.
  • Resetting your email footer should be working well now
  • Bug with missing 3 questions at the bottom of the quickform has been fixed since last Thursday morning (25th Feb)
  • The 'Agreed Values' for recommended cover was not showing correct percentage in text for Trauma top-up income cover - this has been fixed.
  • Monthly expenses improvement (below) caused a visual bug where the 'Food' input was not showing - this has been fixed promptly.


  • In the Fact Find / Position, monthly expenses, the 'Food' category is now 'Food (Restaurant, Takeaways, Groceries)' to clarify for clients it covers ALL food expenses of the month.