Changelog 14/05/2021

  • New Fixed Improved
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    Ben Krebs
  • on 14-05-2021

In the last two weeks


  • In Insurance Advice under the Existing Cover section, the section to provide reasoning for adjusting or replacing cover now correctly displays
  • Fixed a bug causing an error page when downloading servicing calculators
  • Fixed an issue where the LVR was not correctly calculated in a Mortgage Recommendation
  • SBS Calculator no longer crashes when "Property Investor" or "First Home Loan" is selected
  • Some "Additional Notes" sections in a Fact Find were generated in white text, this has been changed to black
  • The Finance Date and Settlement Date fields now correctly pull through to a downloaded Mortgage Application
  • Additional employment history is correctly displayed in a Mortgage Application if the applicant's current employment has been for less than three years
  • ANZ and SBS servicing calculators have been updated


  • Activities now show who created them and when they were created
  • For insurance cover items, "Level to age 100" has been added as a Premium Structure option
  • When "Losing" a mortgage advice opportunity that contains properties to be purchased, there is now the option to remove this property from the client's position
  • Loan Account Number is now an optional field in an Insurance Quickform
  • You can now open different pipelines in new tabs on your internet browser
  • More than one participant can now be the owner of an asset in a profile
  • A new register for Approved Product Providers has been added and updated (For KAN Users)
  • A Rate Lock is now selectable in a Mortgage Recommendation loan structure and you can specify a date to be locked until
  • You can now select and download multiple Bank Calculators in the Funding Details page for a mortgage opportunity

Changelog 30/04/2021

  • Fixed Improved
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    Ben Krebs
  • on 30-04-2021


    • Longer names of custom Activity types, now show neatly in the modal
    • 'Occupation Load' description was not showing right on TPD & Trauma in the SOA, this has been fixed

    Improvements (catching up on last 4 weeks):

    • You can change a Servicing opportunity into an Advice opportunity by clicking and dragging to bottom of servicing pipeline and putting in 'Change Pipeline' option.
    • You can download any major section (e.g. Fact Find, Needs Analysis) in an application without having to tick through everything
    • Mortgage Quickform PDF is attached to email to advisers when client completes a Quickform
    • You can hover to the right side of any contact detail when you are on a Profile, and copy it!
    • When you 'win' a mortgage opportunity and specify a 'Commission Received Date', this information will show in the Mortgage Commission Spreadsheet download from the Reports page
    • For Income Protection, there is now 2 more indemnity definitions: 'Loss of Earnings' and 'Loss of Earnings +"
    • You can now add notes/comments to activities when you click into one to edit it.
    • If you select any Personal Health issues during a Insurance FF, it triggers a text box for clients to add further information
    • Complaint acknowledgement email is not automated - allows the option to when creating a complaint internally
    • You can also send the complaint acknowledgement email from the client's Profile
    • There is now a date-range filter on Profile's timelines so you can search items (emails, notes, activites) by date
    • In an insurance advice under Nature & Scope, there is a 'Client Interview' section, purely for you to note down any client details
    • You can add notes to a profile from the pipeline by clicking on an opportunity and hovering over the arrow under 'Client Profile'
    • You are able to filter your Trail notifications (the bell icon) by the 'type' 
    • In your settings, notifications, under mortgage events, you can now set it up for Fixed Rate Rollover (30 days) away.
    • P.O boxes are added to be able to be viewed in Contacts box in the Profile (and can be added when editing Contact details)
    • Only policies marked as 'Managed' will be required to have required information on it when winning insurance opportunity
    • Adding a Rate Lock question in the Funding Details page for Mortgage applications
    • Report: able to download an opportunity summary in excel file format with information on active opportunities
    • Assets of non-LTCs are allowed to flow through to Mortgage Application download
    • Able to search by policy number
    • Signing area for stage 3 insurance advice
    • Default answer to Fact Find's main bank, is empty/ 'Please Select' rather than ANZ

    Changelog 23/04/2021

    • Fixed Improved
    • Avatar
      Ben Krebs
    • on 23-04-2021


    • Merging profiles bug where search function was not working, has been fixed
    • In the mortgage fact find download, the contact's main bank is now listed under details for applicants
    • Interactive mortgage recommendation page - widgets are now moveable
    • Bulk changes are now working correctly on the Products, Contacts and Activities pages
    • Certain insurance expenses (Property, Contents and Other) now correctly display in the mortgage fact find and mortgage application documents
    • Sovereign, SBS, ASB and BNZ servicing calculators have been updated in Trail
    • Fixed an issue where estimated premiums were presented to clients in a SOA even if the option was turned off in settings
    • Also fixed incorrect estimated premiums flowing through to SOA
    • In a SOA, the internet connection warning banner instantly recognises when the connection has been restored

    New/ Improvements:

    • When offline, changes made in SOA is saved to browser cache and then updated to Trail when internet connection is restored

    Changelog 22/03/2021

    • New Fixed Improved
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      Ben Krebs
    • on 22-03-2021

    Post-March 15th Bugs: 

    • Proceeds from Sale was not automatically calculating - this is now been fixed.
    • Issues with copying timeline addresses not pulling through emails - all working now.
      • Logo placements in downloaded PDF documents produced should allow space for logo without colliding with heading.
      • PDF Style Colours were defaulting to black for some, now this is fixed.
      • Spelling errors - under Loan Structure Breakdown, Signature & confirmation page for Mortgage Recommendation - fixed.
      • Mortgage - Repayment amounts were not calculating; this has been fixed.
      • Mortgage - certain rates not selectable in recommendation page.

      Pre-March 15th Bugs:

      • Now only properties with rental income appear in the 'Monthly Rental income' section of the Fact Find download.
      • Lodging complaint through pipeline: the info modal keeps loading but does not confirm it is done. This has since been fixed.
      • Fact Find area of Medical questionnaire & downloaded FF: wording changed to 'smoked or vaped' in past 12 months.
      • TSB added as banks with LVR maximum of 60% for non-residential lending
      • Policy importer: "Sovereign" renamed to "Sovereign/AIA" (for the BDM request option) which reflects the post-merging of Sovereign with AIA.
      • Mailchimp Merge Tag that was CDOB (client date of birth) is now called

      New/ Improvements:

      • In Reports, under "Opportunities Currently Assigned" tab - there is now a Pipeline export: this downloads an excel file with all your current pipeline information including:

        - Which Pipeline (by the sheet tabs)
        - Opportunity Stage
        - Number of days in current stage
        - Opportunity Value
        - Date Opportunity was created
        - Opportunity Lender (if available)
        - Profile opportunity is on
        - Key Contact of that Profile
        - Opportunity Owner/ Assigned t

      Changelog 8/03/2021

      • Fixed Improved
      • Avatar
        Ben Krebs
      • on 08-03-2021


      • All bugs fixed this week have been related to individual accounts or circumstances.


      • You can now add a 'Company' as a category for a 'Service Provider' contact in a profile.
      • There is now a confirmation modal after both insurance & mortgage Quick Forms which clarify to clients that they do not need to action anything further once they've completed the Quick Form - that the adviser will be in contact if needed.
      • There is an extra sentence in the 'Welcome' message for first time users beginning a Mortgage Fact Find, that there is no obligation from this client to the adviser in completing this Fact Find.
      • Provider Research: this area now is auto-saved, so if you type anything for e.g. AIA and then de-select AIA as a provider, the text will still be saved and show up if you re-select 'AIA'.

      Changelog 01/03/2021

      • Fixed Improved
      • Avatar
      • on 01-03-2021


      • LVR has been changed to max. 60% for non-owner occupied properties (anything not 'Primary' or 'Holiday') for 5 lenders: BNZ, ANZ, ASB, Westpac and Sovereign. As other banks require this, we will update.
      • Resetting your email footer should be working well now
      • Bug with missing 3 questions at the bottom of the quickform has been fixed since last Thursday morning (25th Feb)
      • The 'Agreed Values' for recommended cover was not showing correct percentage in text for Trauma top-up income cover - this has been fixed.
      • Monthly expenses improvement (below) caused a visual bug where the 'Food' input was not showing - this has been fixed promptly.


      • In the Fact Find / Position, monthly expenses, the 'Food' category is now 'Food (Restaurant, Takeaways, Groceries)' to clarify for clients it covers ALL food expenses of the month.

      Changelog 22/02/2021

      • New Fixed Improved
      • Avatar
        Ben Krebs
      • on 22-02-2021


      • Text editor issues for mortgage 'Loan Confirmation' and document settings modals where clicking 'enter' would close the modals - this has now been fixed.
      • Fixed the bug where the marital status in the Fact Find download was not showing correlating information.
      • Quick-forms for insurance & mortgage products now show the corresponding opportunity owner as sender of the email, and first name is referenced in form.


      • Text was showing as orange even as you fill out text in a required field in the insurance quick-form - this has now been fixed.
      • Height & weight are now not required fields in the insurance fact find.
      • For the product page, you can now add a '90 day timeframe' as a filter option.
      • For investment summaries, the date has been captured for products now.
      • For mortgage advice, you can now choose whether you want to include a 'document request' after completion of the Fact Find.
      • The Contacts section has changed so that there is now a small triangle to the right of the contact's name, and this appears if the contact is on multiple profiles. If indeed they are, you can hover over the triangle and see which other profiles & click into those.
      • The above improvement has also resulted in the 'Edit Details' becoming an icon to the left of the contact's status in the profile:

      Changelog 11/02/2021

      • Fixed Improved
      • Avatar
        Ben Krebs
      • on 11-02-2021


      • Automations are now for policies that are inputted at or before 30 days away to pull the trigger.
      • Issue with sign-up links being broken (wrong url) has now been fixed to the correct url for every organisation
      • Policy numbers are now required for winning an Insurance opportunity
      • Ongoing database/ reported error pages; a new fix is now in place and working
      • More TSB calculator fixes: the second applicant's income details now pulling through


      • 'or vaped' has been added to Insurance Fact Find in the medical questions
      • Postcodes have been added to address lines for client's details
      • Clothing is a category for monthly expenses now

      New text editor improvements: 

      • The textbox is expandable when you click and drag the bottom right corner.
      • When you click 'Enter' at the end of a line of text, it will do single spacing between this line and the next line.

      Changelog 5/02/2021

      • Fixed
      • Avatar
        Ben Krebs
      • on 05-02-2021


      • The 'payout type' for income protection cover is showing in the Default Insurance Summary now
      • TSB calculator issues for monthly expenses fixed; Rates cost is monthly, childcare is added.
      • Investment pipeline now showing the total estimated commission & the opportunity values.


      Sorry, none this week! Developers are flat out working on ongoing projects, but expect some next week! Especially in response to the feedback on the new text editor :)

        Changelog 28/01/2021

        • Fixed Improved
        • Avatar
          Ben Krebs
        • on 28-01-2021


        • ANZ servicing calculator - Hire Purchase & Other Loan errors in calculation. This has since been fixed!
        • The adding custom types of documents in Document Settings was not working - this has been fixed as well.


        • New text editor is up in various areas of Trail - e.g. the Notes section of mortgage applications & in your Settings.
        • Some improvements to the loan calculator graph (in Mortgage Review), the graph for this more clearly labelled now.

        Changelog 22/01/2021

        • New Fixed Improved
        • Avatar
          Ben Krebs
        • on 22-01-2021


        • Westpac testing rate is now reverted to the current 2 year fixed which is 3.29%
        • Dragging on the pipeline is less sensitive now, so that it does not get in the way of just clicking on opportunity.
        • You may insert images (by copy & paste) into your email signature in settings. 
        • Issues that comes at & after completing Insurance quick forms are now fixed.
        • Insurance quick form summary format has been tidied up in the timeline.


        • New Feature: You can now set a default search filter (either e.g. always search profiles, or contacts, or archived profiles).
        • Now it is easier to check the Policy Management Status for an insurance product - tag is shown alongside the product now.
        • You can now toggle to show Profile Owner on the Activities page.
        • New lender options for mortgages: CFML and Funding Partners.
        • In the condensed insurance summary, the policy number is now included in the summary table.
        • Our text editors have been updated across Trail

        Changelog 15/01/2021

        • Fixed Improved
        • Avatar
          Ben Krebs
        • on 15-01-2021

        HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here are some big & small fixes and improvements to kick off 2021


        • Issues with Quick Form progression & completion notifications not occurring; this has been fixed.
        • You can now specify "always request from client" with existing custom documents.
        • The ANZ calculator was not calculating the Hire Purchase/ Other Loan repayments properly; this is now working.
        • Dragging opportunities across stages in the pipeline now works on touchscreen devices.
        • Deleted Profiles now all should show up with '(Archived)' beside it if you search for it again.
        • When deleting an opportunity, this should be removed from profile and show up on the timeline as 'archived' immediately.


        • You can opt to remove the ability for different account types to view the estimated commissions/ API (e.g. for assistants).
        • The default declaration document in the Insurance Settings has been updated in wording to be more compliant.
        • Creating a new servicing opportunity will offer you to send a 'Quick Form' link now rather than 'Fact Find'.
        • It is much harder to accidentally delete timeline objects and documents now; secondary steps have been added.
        • Phone numbers added to client details can now include spacing.
        • Full addresses, including city and country, are shown on a client's profile now.

        Changelog 23/12/2020

        • Fixed Improved
        • Avatar
          Ben Krebs
        • on 23-12-2020


        • Users with Active Campaign linked to Trail; issues of pipeline stages not updating to Active Campaign has now been fixed
        • Policy products are now showing the correct drop-down options of who the policy owner(s) are
        • Activities bug where the editable textbox was missing, has been resolved
        • Statement of Advice template was not allowing changes in insurance settings, now it is working


        • The commencement & renewal dates for policies were restricted to 10 years either side, now the range is 30 years either side.

        Changelog 21/12/2020

        • Fixed
        • Avatar
          Ben Krebs
        • on 21-12-2020


        • The BCC email duplicate check has been removed so that 'similar looking' emails will both show in timeline.
        • Quickform notes were showing up skewed on mobile devices; this has now been fixed.
        • Westpac Serviceability test rate has been updated to 3.29%
        • Spelling for 'Licence' in the Documents pages have been updated with the NZ spelling.

          Changelog 11/12/2020

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 11-12-2020


          • Mortgage Servicing pipeline now shows the lenders associated with the opportunity.
          • For the product summaries/schedules, the 'date produced' has been fixed to show correct date.
          • Surname ranking on contacts view was not loading correct information as you scroll down, this is now resolved.
          • Issues with complaints notifications not showing up have been fixed.


          • Archived profiles in areas to search for profiles have '(archived)' next to them.
          • There is now a separate search filter to search solely for archived profiles.

          Changelog 3/12/2020

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 03-12-2020


          • Fixed inconsistency in sending email notifications for completed applications.
          • Fixed the unsaved changes issue while editing Statement of Advice.
          • Product page was not loading beyond the initial page; this is now resolved.
          • Fixed the pipeline/opportunity bug that prevented the title and assigned opportunity owner from showing on the pipeline view.
          • Hovering over the opportunity on the pipeline now shows the correct description.
          • Fixed bug where insurance opportunities were showing "created false" rather than the date it was created.
          • Link in description is fixed for the Document Type drop-down "Income - IRD Earning Summary (first home buyer)"
          • Issues with downloading Statement of Advice on Mozilla Firefox browsers, has been resolved.


          • The 'delete' option for items on timelines is now isolated under a divider to prevent accidental deletes.
          • For downloading of applications or documents, if the file size exceeds 13MB there will be an warning and suggestion to compress documents.

          Changelog 19/11/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 19-11-2020


          • Opportunity owners’ Letter of Authority and Disclosure are now the default option, not Profile owners
          • When completing activities, ‘Mark as Done’ is now more visible when selected
          • Profiles where applications have been completed, without client's logging into Trail. Now have a ‘Send Disclosure Statement’ dropdown in 'actions'
          • Products and Timeline Objects (Emails, Notes..etc) can now be moved across profiles
          • Added a further confirmation when deleting a contact from your system


          • Fixed a bug where new users would be marked as ‘existing’ and the system would request advisors to send a request to join
          • Advisors can now search for an opportunity if they don’t own the profile

          Changelog 06/11/2020

          • Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 06-11-2020


          • Updated TSB Mortgage Calculator
          • Updated Pinned Notes styling to be more consistent
          • Advisors now have the ability to move Policies, Investments, Loans, Notes, Activities and Emails to other profiles.
          • Advisers can now manually send a Disclosure statement if their client does not log into the system before engaging in advice

          Changelog 30/10/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 30-10-2020


          • Updated BNZ Affordability Calculator (v11.3)
          • Updated wording when a user attempts to create an account with an email address already in use
          • Updated search functionality to include searches for ‘+’ prefixes to phone numbers
          • Updated Repayment Calculator to reduce the term to a minimum of 1 Year 0 Month
          • Updated Mortgage opportunities to allow for ‘No change in Address’ when winning an opportunity


          • Fixed an issue with formatting of Fact Finds on Android devices where details wouldn’t be visible on screen
          • Fixed a bug where required descriptions for Assets were not highlighted when required to progress 
          • Fixed a bug where Index/CPI rates could be input into the system for insurance products but, did not appear in the default insurance summary

          Changelog 22/10/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 22-10-2020


          • Error message when email integration is broken/unlinked is now clearer
          • Email footer now supports HTML. By clicking on the ‘<>’ button in the editor, you can now add HTML code blocks that include images and gifs to your email footers
          • Email footer visual editor is now more reliable with how images and wording will be produced in emails


          • Fixed an issue where sending Fact Find emails from Mobile would cause error message 'check email addresses are valid'
          • Fixed an issue where when loading repayment calculator in settings would show ‘3 years 0 months’ but would process as ‘25 years 0 months’
          • Fixed an error with Email integration tooltips were not appearing when hovered over
          • Fixed an issue where if a client begins an insurance fact find it throws an error
          • Fixed a bug with the SBS funding calculator adding +1 to the number of dependants in a household
          • Fixed a bug where ‘Other’ Mortgage application funding was not calculated in the total

          Changelog 15/10/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 15-10-2020


          • Changed the Adviser email address tag from {Profile_Owner_Email} to {Adviser_Email} in templates, to better capture the email address entered. As sometimes it will be an opportunity owner over a profile owner.
          • Improved the error wording when Trail cannot access an integrated email anymore and asks if you wish to send from the support email address.
          • Updated the conditions for requesting mortgage statements when applying for loans from a different lender. This now takes into account Trust owned mortgages.
          • Made the description for Bereavement leave in the recommended cover clearer.


          • Fixed an issue when lodging a complaint with special characters would cause it to freeze and not save.
          • Fixed a bug with the BNZ Servicing Calculator where the ‘Number of Dependent’s’ was not filling in, and thus no Servicing Index was being calculated.
          • Fixed a bug where if a profile had an apostrophe in it, the mortgage application file would be a string of numbers.
          • Fixed a bug where confirming a fixed loan for 6 months would appear in the confirmation email as ‘0 Years’.
          • Fixed a bug where deleting a duplicated attachment to an email template would remove all attachments, not just the one deleted.
          • Fixed a bug when saving custom documents with very long names and file names, it would break the page formatting.

          Changelog 08/10/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 08-10-2020


          • If no applicants are selected when attempting to download a servicing calculator, Trail will now ask the user to fill out the required fields.


          • Estimated API and Commission values in the pipeline are now showing the correct figures based on the opportunities in each stage without any scaling.
          • Fixed an issue where the entertainment expenses were not pulling through to the ASB Servicing Calculator.
          • Fixed a bug where tertiary questions answered in the client view would not update the adviser's view and cause the answers to ‘toggle’ when trying to select the correct answers.
          • Fixed a bug where emails were showing as duplicates on a profiles timeline where more than one integrated email was copied in.
          • Fixed an issue where ‘Sum Assured’ was not appearing next to benefits.

          Changelog 01/10/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 30-09-2020


          • Improved some formatting in the expenses area on mobile devices when going through a mortgage or insurance fact find.


          • Fixed a bug where nothing would appear when accessing the ‘Integrations’ page under settings.
          • Fixed an issue where some mortgage applications were not being downloaded and only attachments were showing.
          • Fixed an issue on mobile where Trail would ask you to ‘Check email address is valid’ when sending a Fact Find link.
          • Fixed a bug when using Trail with Firefox where there would be no scrollbar appearing for stages with more than 10 opportunities.
          • Fixed a bug where winning insurance advice opportunities did not put an event in the timeline of the respective profile, nor remove it from the pipeline.
          • Changing PDF styles under insurance settings now accurately reflects the changes being made in the preview window to the right.
          • Fixed a bug where figures were not flowing through to the bank servicing calculators on mortgage applications.
            If you are still experiencing this bug, at the top of the ‘Funding Details’ page, simply unselect and then reselect the applicants and it should work.
          • Fixed a bug where you were unable to change profile ownership if you were using Firefox.
          • Long email addresses now appear in full when viewing the downloaded insurance fact find.
          • Fixed a bug where you could not access the PDF generated when a client completes a Quickform.

          Changelog 17/09/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 16-09-2020


          • The recommended cover section now does not reset after entering the fact find or needs analysis sections. It will now give you a warning that something has changed and that you may want to re-calculate.
          • Insurance claim opportunities now act more in-line with insurance servicing, and no longer take you to the fact find process when viewing it.
          • When managing opportunities, where an adviser is referenced it now looks at the opportunity owner and not the profile owner.
          • When viewing the summary of insurance products, anything listed as ‘Other’ now appears under their insurance premiums.


          • Draft emails are no longer being synced to the timeline.
          • Fixed some formatting issues when going through an insurance fact find on a mobile device.
          • When selecting specialists and tests cover under health in the needs analysis, it now calculates the cover required without requiring dental and optical or non-pharmacy drugs to be selected.
          • When creating an ‘Other’ mortgage advice type in the pipeline, the value entered now appears in the funding details page as well.
          • Fixed a bug that did not allow you to choose an opportunity type when creating an opportunity on a mobile device.
          • Fixed an issue where if you had a trust that was an owner of an insurance product, it’s full name would not appear on the summary.
          • Fixed a bug where adding ‘superannuation’ to the expenses in a mortgage fact find made it disappear.
          • Fixed an issue where continuing an old data import that tried to find a deleted policy would cause it to freeze.

          Changelog 10/09/20

          • Fixed
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 09-09-2020


          • Fixed a bug where you could not create opportunities from within the pipeline view.
          • Fixed a bug with the email template and email signature editors where highlighting text was difficult, and the reset button wasn’t functioning.

          Changelog 03/09/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 02-09-2020


          • The newest Resimac calculator is now available for use.
          • There is now a warning message if you have not enabled the ‘Needs Analysis’ section on the client-side when completing an insurance application.
          • When selecting property owners under a property, the multi-select list now appears.
          • Updated Trail’s minimum interest rate to be 1.5% for repayment calculators.
          • Improved the clarity of wording when you are unable to calculate the recommended cover in an insurance application. It will now no longer take you to the people’s page when trying to refine cover.


          • Fixed a bug where certain areas of mortgage and insurance quickforms were not appearing for editing when changes to the position were being made.
          • Fixed a bug where editing the formatting within an email template prior to sending would return different formatting when received. It is now consistent.
          • Fixed a bug where the ‘Calculate Cover’ button was appearing above the recommended cover when you had already calculated the cover.

          Changelog 27/08/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 26-08-2020


          • When exporting a commission report for mortgage opportunities, you can now see 'Won Loans', 'Lost Opportunities' and 'Open Opportunities' to gain a better understanding of your situation.
          • Clients cannot edit your recommendations on the mortgage review document.
          • Changed the Recommended Cover calculator warning to better reflect what must be done to begin calculations.


          • Fixed a bug where some required fields were not highlighted in orange when trying to complete a section.
          • Fixed a bug where a follow-up question for child/dependant's education cost was not showing up in the insurance fact find.

          Changelog 13/08/20

          • Fixed Improved
          • Avatar
            Ben Krebs
          • on 12-08-2020


          • Added a contact type called 'Staff' that is similar to 'Participant' and 'Dependent'. This is so business profiles can include staff that are a part of group schemes while restricting access and the saving of emails.

          Bug Fixes:

          • Fixed an issue where activities created without a profile did not appear in the activities list.
          • Fixed an issue where mortgage quick forms were not reflecting the changes made and the last question was not appearing.