Nature & Scope rewording

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On the NSA section 'Further Required Information' there are three sections with leading header questions, which are presented to the customer.
The second and third discuss excluding specific aspects from this advice, which assumes we are not giving full advice (when often we do not exclude any aspect at all).
The questions and forced answers are not relevant to every customer, which makes the report look like a copy/paste situation rather than having been tailored to the customer.
Suggest the headings should be along the lines of:
1) Is there anything specific about life and heath insurances, or anything else relating to our other services, that you would like advice on?
2) (Tick if relevant to open up a comment section, otherwise shouldn't show) Based on our discussion, we will not consider the following as part of our advice:
3) (tick if relevant as above) We suggest you seek the following independent advice from the appropriate parties:
(e.g. Will & Estate planning from your solicitor, tax advice from your accountant, etc)



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Hi Charlie, thanks for submitting this feedback.

The NAS section of the Fact Finds were carefully considered in line with CCCFA. Giving clear definitions of what is NOT included in the advice process.

If other advisers are on board with a change of wording and function this can definitely be looked at in the future.