Fact Find & Statement of Advice PDF Correction

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Matt McNeill

Hey I have a suggestion which is fairly important and should be easy for your team to fix.

I just downloaded both the statement of position and fact find documents of a completed test profile from the system to check what they look like.

While the client fact find asks for current income and future expenses after settlement, it and the output report does not include future new lending costs / repayments.

So, if I was to send this document to a client as is below, it could potentially be a bit misleading. I think it would be prudent to leave a note by this 'Total Monthly Expenses after Settlement' saying 'Excludes any future new lending costs'.

Worth noting - I have looked at a mortgage application pdf, which has the same field name 'Total Monthly Expenses After Settlement'. In this report it's correct, as obviously accounts for new lending....

Give me a call to discuss if need be.


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Ben Krebs

Hey Matt, thanks for sending through this feedback.

Within Trail the Position of a client is the current position, and would not include any future lending/expenses. While the Mortgage Recommendation is reviewing the future position.

If you have further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with the support team!